Who really wants to spend hours online or going from shop to shop looking for a specific gift or item?  Leave this up to your fashion conscious Freelancer PA.


Searching for and liaising with contractors or sourcing the right furnishings can be very time consuming. Let Freelancer PA take this hassle off your hands.



Moving can be stressful at the best of times and involves a lot of organising.  Let Freelancer PA ease some of that stress for you.


Why should you have to spend precious time booking appointments when you can spend that extra time relaxing or catching up with friends. Leave this in Freelancer PA’s capable hands.

Office Management/Administration

Are you tired of watching your administration piling up and would rather spend that time doing activities you enjoy? Let Freelancer PA reduce that unnecessary stress for you.


Wouldn’t you rather look forward to your holidays without having the stress of having to do all the background research and bookings?  Let Freelancer PA take over so you can enjoy getting into holiday mode.


Let Freelancer PA minimise the stress of organising events for you, so all you have to do is turn up to the event and enjoy!

Errand Services

Freelancer PA is here to take care of those little errands that are unnecessarily time consuming. From dropping off your dry cleaning to picking up flowers.