“We asked Alina (Freelancer PA) to make a flyer for our business. We only had a vague idea of what we wanted, and no idea of what it might look like. Alina very quickly drafted some ideas, and after a couple of meetings and changes, we had a flyer!

Thank you Alina, for making this such an easy task, for going that extra mile to ensure that we had exactly what we wanted, and a flyer that looks fantastic.”

Mary Nanson, Jon Nanson Valuations and Property Management


“Alina has been the most amazing Personal assistant for me and I would highly recommend any one busy in their business to enlist her services.

My business was growing in leaps and bounds and I wasn’t getting around to everything. Sometimes I just needed someone to help with the things that take too much time. Other times I don’t have the skill set or patience to create documents that add so much value to my clients.

When I met Alina I couldn’t quite believe there was someone who could help a small business like mine. Alina was able to do the odd job for me with such a high standard. Going the extra mile was one of her specialities.

I was so excited as the work she was doing so effortlessly was also delivering rapid value to all my customers. Their experience was becoming richer because Alina was behind the scenes churning out and organising all my educational content formatting exercise circuit cards.

Now I can’t wait to give Alina more work. She definitely is an asset to have working for you. She is so professional and dresses very smartly too.

Thanks Alina.”

Lynda Lovatt, PUFF Fitness


“Alina’s “on-call” assistance is now central to my work. I had thought she would be a “virtual” PA but she is very real. Alina works fast, figures things out  for herself, delivers better quality work outcomes than you thought you wanted and operates under an honest “no surprises” approach so you know just what to expect when. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Lilias Bell, Senior Leadership Specialist at LiliasBell – Leadership & Talent


“Alina came to the rescue at short notice and brought new meaning to hit the ground running. She provided the team at Solora with some much needed support and her organizational skills were outstanding. No task was too small for Alina and she self-managed, taking full responsibility where there were no directions. I would not hesitate to employ her services again!”

Janet Harp, General Manager, Solora Healthcare & Rehabilitation


“I had the pleasure of working with Alina for over 7 years when she was my Personal Assistant.  Alina’s professionalism, time management skills, eye for  detail and ability to be pro active, while working without direct supervision and direction, were just a few of the qualities that made her such an asset to the wider organisation and to me personally as a PA.  Working for an organisation where confidentiality is paramount, I always found Alina to be completely honest and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending Alina’s professional services as a Freelancer PA.”

Donna Gray, In-Patient Unit Nurse Manager, Mary Potter Hospice


“Alina has provided myself and my team with very accurate, professional and timely secretarial and PA services over a number of years.   She operates a steel keyboard with a velvet glove: –  even under pressure she is always pleasant to deal with, and delivers well-crafted work by deadline.”

Dr B Ensor, Director of Palliative Care, Mary Potter Hospice


“Alina is very efficient and can effectively multitask while maintaining a calm demeanour. She is a very hard worker and conscientious. Her typing skills are excellent both in speed and accuracy. Alina is totally trustworthy, honourable and honest. She is extremely well organised and tactfully was able to keep me in the right place at the right time.”

Dr J Fleming, Senior Medical Officer, Mary Potter Hospice

“With a upmost proficiency Alina always exceeded expectations with whatever diverse task was given.  These tasks have included but are not limited to; assistance with posters and presentations for conferences, travel and accommodation bookings, meeting management, sourcing and organising the delivery of resources, and organising social events. I have found Alina to have integrity and honesty, whilst being a great team player, kind, considerate, and gracious.”

T Loveard, Occupational Therapist, Mary Potter Hospice


“Alina’s role was autonomous in that she had the ability to work through her day and self-direct with whatever part of her work load needed to be addressed. As a self-starter Alina has initiative, drive and a realistic sense of her own worth.  She remains a person grounded in what is important in life while at the same time happy to try new challenges.”

T McKelvie, In-Patient Unit Nurse Manager, Mary Potter Hospice


“I had the pleasure of working with Alina to update and improve the ambience of our In-Patient Unit. Together we worked on design, choice of fabrics, getting quotes together, constructing business cases and proposals for funding and managing within budgets.

I found Alina to be very approachable, helpful, highly organised and very efficient. Deadlines were always met. She was extremely well liked and appreciated by both clinical and non-clinical staff, adding a sense of class and style to the workplace.”

D Pryde, Director Support Services, Mary Potter Hospice