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Freelancer PA

Hi there, I am Alina the founder of Freelancer PA. Research consistently shows that the happiest people use their money to buy time. People who are willing to give up money to gain more free time - by, say working fewer hours or paying to outsource disliked tasks experience more fulfilling social relationships, more satisfying careers, and more joy, and overall live happier lives. Isn't that what we all want? It is great to see that you are taking the first step in investing in yourself by deciding to outsource certain tasks that you struggle with or know someone else could do more efficiently. By turning to Freelancer PA you are one step closer to focusing on what you are passionate about, are an expert in, more urgent matters and generating more business. We look forward to supporting you with our personal and virtual administration expertise as you require them – that means without the long term commitment. We love implementing systems that work for you, helping you get more organised so your able to find things straight away and present work in a professional manner. Lets get your admin sorted and watch the stress melt away! Give us a call to book your free consultation today.

Services We Offer

Why should you have to spend precious time booking appointments when you can spend that extra time relaxing or catching up with friends. Leave this in Freelancer PA’s capable hands.

Office Management/Administration

Are you tired of watching your administration piling up and would rather spend that time doing activities you enjoy? Let Freelancer PA reduce that unnecessary stress for you.


Let Freelancer PA minimise the stress of organising events for you, so all you have to do is turn up to the event and enjoy!

Errand Services

Freelancer PA is here to take care of those little errands that are unnecessarily time consuming. From dropping off your dry cleaning to picking up flowers.

Our Team

Alina has over 20 years experience working in office environments dealing with executives at Board/Management level in varying industries in Wellington and London.