We are passionate about taking care of our team and our clients and providing exceptional work.

We treat everyone and each project with respect, integrity, and quality customer service.


To provide small to medium size business owners with high-quality administrative support, so they have more free time to focus on doing things they are good at, passionate about, inspired by and which are vital to business development.


Our mission is to provide highly customised virtual and personal assistant administrative services to small businesses as they require. As a team, we provide the structure, tools and support that gives our clients time back to focus on growing their business and doing the tasks they are passionate about and are experts in. To invest in and constantly grow our skill set and professional development. To invest in charitable and environmental causes and support local community programs that are close to our hearts.

Core values


We conduct ourselves with honesty, sincerity, trustworthiness and truthfulness. We believe this is essential to long term business and personal relationships.


We are dedicated to our work and take full responsibility for our duties. We make well-thought-out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons. We care about Freelancer PA and our clients, and always act in the best interest of everyone involved.


We consistently provide the best quality work and results to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.  We embrace our responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, provide effective solutions and add value to clients.


We respect each other and our clients as individuals with different areas of expertise. This builds trust, safety and wellbeing with our relationships.


We are passionate about everything we do for our clients. It brings us joy and in turn, brings them joy and frees up their time so they can do more of what they are passionate about.

Customer Service

Client satisfaction is essential to our success. We always understand the client’s requirements first and deliver them flawlessly to achieve complete customer service.

Our Why

We are big believers in having a work-life balance and want others to have the same. We realise the importance of doing what we love in our jobs and not having to do everything ourselves. We believe outsourcing what we are not good at frees up our time to focus more on what we are passionate about. Our team has come together with their varying amazing skillsets to help small to medium size business owners with aspects of their businesses that they struggle with, find time consuming, repetitive and tedious. With our combined skills, we provide clients with the whole package to compliment and help with the growth of their business. We are “doers” and love continuous learning and growth.

We are exceptionally well organised, reliable, professional, committed, loyal honest and supportive.  – Getting your admin sorted!