Alina and her amazing team compliment and support each other to ensure that clients needs are met. With our combined experience our great team can support you with every aspect of your administrative requirements. Feel free to check out our areas of expertise on Our Team page. 

Alina Reed
Alina has over 20 years experience working in office environments dealing with executives at Board/Management level in varying industries in Wellington and London. Her roles have varied from organising travel plans, office moves, Board meetings and events in Europe, dealing extensively with confidential materials in a Hospice to purchasing big ticket items. Alina’s professionalism, honesty, excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, trustworthiness and exceptional work ethic have provided her with many opportunities to assist executives on a more personal level, aside from supporting in the work environment. These experiences along with the realisation that people’s lives are unnecesarily too busy these days has fuelled Alina’s desire to embark on founding Freelancer PA and really wanting to assist those who realise the importance of work/life balance and are ready to regain that control.
Katerina Tesařová
Virtual Assistant
Administration has been part of Katerina's life for the last 20 years and before this working as a secondary school teacher and a travel agent in the Czech Republic. These roles have come in handy and compliment her administration positions as she has learned how to plan and organise trips for individuals/groups. Without even realising it she became passionate about administration and challenges related to this kind of work in New Zealand. This led Katerina to further her administration career through study. She enjoys utilising her skills and is passionate about learning new things every day. She is open to any new challenge and “I can't” is not an option. Katerina is responsible, has excellent organisational skills, has a professional approach, is honest, positive and has a ‘can do’ attitude which are attributes that make her an ideal team member to tackle administration support for any business. Katerina loves reading, walking, singing, playing piano and guitar, languages, yoga, running, travelling. Most of all she loves her family and watching her two young daughters explore the world.
Jess Malaulau
Virtual Assistant
Jess has had over 10 years’ experience working in various areas including retail, hospitality, public sector, accounting and office administration. These experiences have made her appreciate that no matter what industry you’re in, each job comes along with its stressful and busy times. This has motivated Jess to always give her all no matter what type of work she is completing and has lead her to being part of the Freelancer PA which she really enjoys. Jess values loyalty and honesty and has a professional manner paired with great organisational skills. Outside of work Jess enjoys spending time with her son, helping him with his school work and paper run, spending time with her family especially her younger nieces and nephew, catching up with her close friends, listening to music and watching local sport.
Melissa Bethwaite
Social Media
Melissa has recently joined our team as our social media engagement professional. Melissa will work with you to use social media to drive authentic engagement, engage your audience, hype your brand, promote your products and grow your community. Melissa loves all things social media and is a bit of a creative type who wasn't allowed to study art at school (arty jobs don't pay much ;-)) and over ten years ago found her niche of working in social media and marketing. Melissa especially loves conveying marketing through images and gets a kick out of driving more sales/ engagement for your company. When Melissa isn't working, she’s running around after her two young children, trying to grow vegetables, and keeping up to date on Netflix... and loves a good almond mocha.
Mallory Christie
Content Writer/Communications
Recently graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations & Media Studies), Mallory is ready and able to take on marketing and communications related work. Despite being at the start of her career, she has experience in recruitment, PR, and marketing in the tech industry, which has provided her with a range of skills including content writing, editing, social media management, event organisation, strategy and campaign planning, media releases and research. She’s passionate about all things PR, particularly brand and reputation management. When she’s not at work, Mallory can be found snuggled up with her cat and a good book, trying out a new recipe for dinner or spending time with friends (often out dancing!).
Katie Hopkins
Virtual Assistant

Katie joins the team in June 2020 as a Virtual Assistant. Katie has excellent communication and organisational skills which she uses to ensure the things run smoothly. Katie has 20+ years administrative experience in the Private, Public and Government sectors; Katie has specialised in top-level Executive and Personal Assistant roles in organisations worldwide.

Katie enjoys meditation, yoga, reading, writing poetry, going for long walks on the beach to unwind, digging in her garden, playing with her three children and enjoying a glass of wine with her husband.

Bette Cosgrove
Side Kick

Bette is a keen sidekick, to the amazing team at Freelancer PA, with a wide variety of life and work experience – from education and social enterprise, to charity fundraising and creative arts administration.

She is primarily an educator, who believes that learning and teaching are at the core of mentoring and guiding others to find the solution that best fits them.  In her work, family and educational training worlds, she has learnt to look openly at ways to innovate, or find systematic and creative solutions for many challenges. It is what she really loves doing. She approaches tasks with a curiosity and search for purpose, which ultimately leads to positive outcomes. She sees the Freelancer PA  team as  Superhero Assistants , and she aims to be a useful sidekick.

While multi-tasking as a mother, teacher, and administrator she has travelled and lived around the world alongside her husband in the military (now retired). she loves dancing, dragon boating and theatre.

Lisa Bamforth
Virtual Assistant

Brand and Marketing

Lisa joins us with 5 years’ experience as a marketing professional in London. With a passion for authentic content and slick delivery, she will help you to define and grow your brand, creating an impact for your clients to remember you by.

Her experience ranges from brand, communications and events, to campaign and social media management, copywriting and content marketing within digital platforms and print publications.

Lisa conducts herself with honesty and integrity within her personal and professional circles and this makes her a great team player and fun person to work with.

She is an adventurer at heart and loves nothing better than packing the tent on the back of her motorcycle and taking off for the mountains.